12 June, 2016

Test! Mississippi Pot Roast (Slow Cooker)

Please note: We are testing this recipe with a different cut of meat and cooking period.

Mississippi Pot Roast
(More than eight hours cooking)

Mississippi Pot Roast (Slow Cooker) ingredients
Depending upon size of roast, 
Makes 6 - 10 servings
One (3- to 5-lb) chuck roast
2 Tbsp olive oil
Kosher salt, to taste
Ground lemon pepper, to taste
Granulated garlic, to taste
1 (1-oz) envelope ranch dressing mix
1 (1-oz) envelope dry onion soup mix
(8-oz / 8 Tbsp) Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (see Notes)
10 Mezzetta Imported Greek Golden Peperoncini peppers, about half of (16-oz / 473ml) jar

For serving
Additional Peperoncini peppers (optional)
Caramelized Onions (optional)
Hot mashed potatoes or
Baked Wild Rice with Onions, Carrots and Mushrooms or
2 (15-oz / 425g / 8-count) pkg Pepperidge Farm® Bakery Classics Onion Hamburger Buns with Poppy Seeds, or favorite sandwich buns and
Provolone Cheese Deli Slices

Mississippi Pot Roast (Slow Cooker) Directions
Get ready
Assemble ingredients and equipment.

Using paper towel(s), pat dry both sides of  the meat.  For even cooking, cut meat into equal-size pieces to fit inside your slow cooker. Then season with salt, lemon pepper and granulated garlic.

Heat 12-inch skillet to sear the beef.

Sear the beef
Add the olive oil to a large, hot skillet over High heat, Quickly sear the meat to lock in moisture and flavor, and to improve texture of the final product after long hours of cooking in the crock-pot.

Cook meat until golden brown, about two or three minutes per side.

Mississippi Pot Roast at start of cooking
(Au jus after searing meat on sides)

Assemble and cook
Transfer meat to slow cooker and sprinkle over both dry seasoning envelopes. Slice butter and evenly distribute pats over the seasoned meat. Surround the top and sides with the peperoncini.

Cover and cook until meat is tender, about eight (8) hours on Low setting.

When meat is done, remove and discard any globs of fat. With a fork in each hand, tines facing down, insert the forks into the meat and gently pull the meat apart.

If desired, chop the cooked peperoncini and stir into the shredded meat.

Serve wam over mashed potatoes or hot cooked rice with the au jus, or on sandwich buns with a slice of Provolone cheese.

Shredded Mississippi Pot Roast Sandwich on Onion Roll 

Shredded Mississippi Pot Roast Sandwich on Onion Roll 

Mississippi Pot Roast (Slow Cooker) Notes
  • Assume 0.5-lb to 0.75-lb beef per serving (about 6.0- to 10-oz cooked meat). For this test, we used 3.5-lb beef round top round.

  • At eight (8) hours uninterrupted on Low setting, and without checking internal temperature, the meat appeared to be cooked medium rare. The meat was fork-tender and fragrant, but saltier than we like. Nevertheless, we consumed two servings immediately. I cooked further, approximately four to five (4 - 5) hours more, on Low setting. and the meat is still very moist, fork tender, and much less salty.

  • Chuck roasts are juicy due to their good marbling, but require lower, slower cooking to get tender.

  • Butter is essential to the final product. Do not substitute margarine or other spreads. Generally, I use unsalted butter; however, this time the butter contains salt and I am not salting the meat. 

  • This recipe requires no liquid added. See photo below, taken after more than twelve (12) hours on Low setting. The moist environment and slow, steady heat of the slow cooker is sufficient to create this tender pot roast. The meat cooks in its own juices, the melted butter, and brine extracted from the peperoncini. Just keep the slow cooker covered to maintain the internal temperature and retain that moisture.

Mississippi Pot Roast in own cooking liquid, as directed

  • Browning the meat creates a deep flavor base and is important for meat that is tender and not grainy at the end of the long cooking time.

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