20 May, 2016

Menu: Memorial Day Burger Cookout

Almost every item on this menu is prepared in advance (denoted #). Alternative sides and desserts are suggested to help tailor the menu to your family's preferences and to make planning for a larger group or potluck meal easier. 

Grill burgers, prepare frozen margaritas, and assemble the Brownie Fruit Kebabs just before serving. We have tried and regularly serve items marked with an asterisk (*). 

Memorial Day Burger Cookout 

Menu for Twelve

Choose one Appetizer
Ranch Dip# with Crudités# or * Homemade Salsa# with Tortilla Chips

* Grilled Cheeseburgers with condiments#

Choose three Sides
* Fresh Fruit Salad#

Choose two Desserts
Strawberry Short Cake# or Strawberry-Pretzel Salad# 

Memorial Day

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