06 July, 2015

Fresh Peach-Chipotle Salsa

Fresh Peach-Chipotle Salsa

Fresh Peach-Chipotle Salsa ingredients (10)
Makes about 2.5 cups
6 fresh, medium-size peaches
1/2 cup finely diced red bell pepper (about half of one large)
1/4 cup diced sweet red onion
1/4 tsp ground chipotle chili pepper
(1 Tbsp / 0.5-oz.) honey
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice (about one medium lemon)
Pinch Morton Lite Salt
2 tsp puréed fresh cilantro with apple cider vinegar (5% acidity)
1 tsp white wine vinegar (7% acidity)

For serving
As a condiment, grilled chicken
As a dip, scoop corn chips

For kickier Fresh Peach-Mango Salsa (Makes 3.5 cups), add the following:
1 cup diced fresh mango
Zest of one lemon
Fresh juice of one lemon
1/4 of one fresh serrano chile pepper, seeded and finely minced

Fresh Peach-Chipotle Salsa directions
Prepare fresh peaches
Add water to fill stock pot two thirds (2/3) and bring to a rolling boil. Then, one at a time, carefully place peaches into the pot. Scald peaches for three (3) minutes and then place immediately in cold water bath (see next photo) for three (3) minutes before gently removing the jackets.

Scalded peaches in cold water before removing jackets
 (I used double layer of disposable roasting pans for the cold water bath.) 

Fresh ingredients include scalded peaches with jackets removed

Remove any bruised or mushy portions of the scalded peaches to purée for a different purpose. Then, cut the peaches into medium-size chunks over a bowl (to catch the juice). Drop peaches into the bowl.

Combine and let rest
Add remaining salsa ingredients to the bowl and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate two (2) hours.

Serve within twenty-four (24) hours
To serve as condiment, spoon over grilled chicken.

Serve as dip with scoop corn chips.

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