17 July, 2015

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt No-Bake Pie | The Dinner Doctor

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt No-Bake Pie ingredients (9)
Makes 8 servings
1 (14-oz / 396g) can fat free sweetened condensed milk
1 cup low-fat lemon yogurt
1 tsp grated lemon zest 
2 Tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice (about one medium-size)

2 Tbsp water
1 (4-oz) envelope unflavored gelatin

1 (9-oz / 255g) Keebler® Ready Crust® Graham 2 Extra Serving Pie Crust (10-inch / 25.4cm diameter)
1 pint fresh blueberries, rinsed and drained well
1 Tbsp confectioners' sugar

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt No-Bake Pie directions
Prepare filling
In a large mixing bowl, combine the first four (4) ingredients (sweetened condensed milk through lemon juice).

Bloom gelatin in hot water bath
In a small heatproof bowl, place the 2 Tbsp water. Gently sprinkle the gelatin evenly over the water, to avoid lumps, but do not stir. Set the gelatin aside to absorb the water and soften for one (1) minute.

Meanwhile, and into a skillet over Medium-High heat, pour water to a depth of one-inch (1") and bring to a simmer.

When the water is quite hot, turn off the heat and place the bowl of gelatin into the skillet. Stir the gelatin until it dissolves and becomes translucent.

Combine the filling and bloomed (softened) gelatin
Whisk the dissolved gelatin into the prepared filling.

Cover the bowl and refrigerate the mixture until it begins to set, about fifteen (15) minutes.

Assemble pie and chill
When the filling is chilled and has begun to set, use a rubber spatula to scrape it into the graham cracker crumb crust.

Smooth the top; then, arrange the blueberries evenly on the top. Use plastic wrap to lightly cover the pie and refrigerate until set, about one (1) hour.

Just before serving, sift the confectioners' sugar over the top. Slice and serve. 

Cover any unused portions with plastic wrap and refrigerate up to one (1) week. 

Slightly adapts Byrne,Anne. The Dinner Doctor: Quick Cooking When Time Is Short. (New York: Workman Publishing Company, Inc., 2003), 497 - 498.

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