11 July, 2015

7 UP® Peach Cobbler

You could use fewer peaches for a single-layer of fruit in this cobbler. We use two layers of peaches because we prefer a more equivalent ratio of fruit to topping.

While trying variations of this recipe, I have added a modest sprinkling of dark brown sugar over the top of both fruit layers before baking; however, we prefer this 7 UP® Peach Cobbler without the sugar added. If you don't have a fresh lemon on hand, just omit the zest. This 7 UP® Peach Cobbler will still be delicious.   

Just-baked 7 UP® Peach Cobbler

7 UP® Peach Cobbler ingredients (5)
Makes about 12 servings
About 7 fresh medium- to large-size peaches
Zest of one lemon
1 (16.5-oz. /468g) box Duncan Hines® Classic Yellow Cake Mix
Half of one (8-Tbsp) stick unsalted butter (= 4 Tbsp)
1 (12-oz) can (original) 7 UP®

Optional for serving
Frozen yogurt, ice cream or non-dairy whipped topping or whipped cream

7 UP® Peach Cobbler directions
Get ready
Assemble the ingredients.

Add cold water to stockpot, filling about 2/3; set on Medium-High heat and bring to a boil.

Meanwhile, set-up two (2) cold-bath stations by pouring cold water into baking pans (or large bowls), leaving enough space for adding whole peaches without the water overflowing onto your work area.

Lightly apply non-stick vegetable cooking spray to the inside of (3-quart / 2.8-liter) baking dish and set aside.

Prepare the fresh peaches
Some folks scald peaches one-at-at-time; I do not because a) I'm impatient, and b) I prefer not to have steam in the kitchen for extended times during an already humid summer. Instead, I scald small batches of peaches at one time, and pay attention to the boiling water so that I can use a wooden spoon to separate the fruit should they start hitting one another while bobbing in the water. Choose what works best for you.

My method is to carefully place the peaches, four (4) at a time, into the boiling water for two (2) minutes.

With a slotted spoon, transfer scalded peaches to the cold-bath. Allow five (5) minutes before removing the peel ("the jacket") from each peach and then placing the fruit into a medium bowl. I gently rub each cooled peach to remove the peel; I do not use a knife unless I'm cutting away a brown, mushy section from the peach.

Scalded peaches resting in cold water bath
 ( I use double-layer of disposable aluminum roasting pans.)

While the first four (4) peaches are in the cold water bath, carefully place the next group into the boiling water and repeat the same procedures as above.

Over the medium bowl to capture the peach juices, cut each skinned peach to separate the flesh from the pit. Then, cut into slices of about the same size and place them in a single-layer to cover the bottom of the prepared baking pan.

First layer of peaches with the collected juices and lemon zest

Pour the peach juice collected in the bowl into the baking pan. Scatter half the lemon zest over the sliced peaches.

Repeat for second layer of peaches, ending with lemon zest sprinkled on top.

Add topping
Preheat oven to 350ºF.

Sprinkle the dry cake mix evenly over the sliced peaches, crumbling any lumps along the way.

Slice the butter into small squares and place them somewhat evenly over the dry cake mix.

Small-diced butter over the dry cake mix topping

Gently pour some of the 7 UP® into each corner of the baking pan, and over the topping.

7 UP® gently poured into each corner and over the diced butter-cake mix topping

Bake and serve
Bake, uncovered, in preheated 350ºF oven until the top is golden brown, about forty-five (45) minutes.

Remove from oven when done and let rest ten (10) minutes before slicing to serve warm.

If desired, serve with frozen yogurt, ice cream, non-dairy whipped topping, or whipped cream, according to personal preferences.

Cover any unused portions with aluminum foil.

7 UP® Peach Cobbler served with Vanilla Greek Yogurt 

Adapts Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

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