31 January, 2015

Curried Chicken & Pumpkin Stock

Curried Chicken & Pumpkin Stock ingredients (6)
Makes about 1-Gallon US / 3.785L
Stage 1
Olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
17 Tbsp US  Knorr® Chicken Flavor Bouillon, "Caldo Con Sabor de Pollo"
1 gallon (16 cups US / 3.785L) water

Stage 2
2 (29-oz / 822g) cans Libby's® 100% Pure All Natural Pumpkin Purée (Do not substitute Libby's® Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix in this recipe because it is preseasoned and will produce very different results. Instead, check this recipe.)
1 Tbsp Salt-Free Curry Powder

Notes:  I use Curried Chicken & Pumpkin Stock in Curried Pumpkin Soup and Curried Pumpkin, Tomato & Okra with Rice.

Stage 1:  Sauté + prepare bouillon
Sauté minced garlic in the olive oil. Then, stir in the bouillon, allowing it to soak up the olive oil. Add 1-gallon water; stir well and bring to a boil. Then, reduce heat, cover and simmer for two (2) hours.

Stage 2:  Season and simmer with pumpkin purée
Add cans of pumpkin purée; stir well before adding the curry powder. Use an immersible blender to purée until smooth. Cover and simmer gently for at least one (1) hour, and up to twelve (12) hours.

Stage 3:  Use or store
Cool and freeze, or use within three (3) days as base to prepare soup.

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