24 December, 2014

Redo: Fay's Cheddar Cheese Ball recipe

Whenever possible, prepare your cheese logs / balls the day before serving to allow adequate refrigeration time for both achieving the right firmness and blending and mellowing the flavors. Allow at least thirty to forty-five (30 to 45) minutes before serving to bring the cheese logs / balls to room temperature.

Redo: Fay's Cheddar Cheese Log ingredients
Makes two logs or ??? 1-inch miniature balls
Cheese log
2.5 (8-oz US / 226g) packages store brand Neufchâtel cheese, softened and at room temperature (total 20-oz US / 565 g)
4 tsp Lea & Perrins Original Worcestershire Sauce * -- Reduced Sodium available (See Notes below)
2 tsp freshly-squeezed Meyer lemon juice, strained
2 tsp grated onion
1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper
2 cups store brand shredded low fat Cheddar cheese at room temperature

1 cup pecans, finely chopped (I used small food processor and pulsed about eight (8) times.

For serving
Melba Rounds or
Baked cracker or
Pretzel sticks for miniatures

Redo: Fay's Cheddar Cheese Log  Directions
Mix and chill
In a large bowl, use hand mixer to blend together the first five ingredients (softened Neufchâtel cheese through cayenne pepper). Add cheddar cheese and blend until smooth. 

At this point, Fay would form the cheese mixture into two (2)-inch diameter logs to fit the size of the Bacon Thins, roll the logs in chopped pecans, wrap and refrigerate.

For my update, use a spatula to move the cheddar mixture to the center of the bowl and cover securely with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least two (2) hours before forming logs / balls. This will allow time for the flavors to mingle and the mixture will be easier to shape.

Form logs / balls
Then, form mixture into two logs / balls and roll each in the chopped pecans. Either serve or wrap in waxed paper and then aluminum foil and return to refrigerator.

To serve, unwrap logs and place on platter with a spreader, and surround with crackers. If you've made miniature cheese balls, add a pretzel stick to each one and arrange on platter. Serve at room temperature.

Redo: Fay's Cheddar Cheese Log Notes
  • We do not use store brand Worcestershire Sauce in this recipe because the flavor is different. There is a Lea & Perrins Lower Sodium available; however, I don't use it because, in my particular circumstances, I need sodium in my diet. For others' personal preferences, I would use the lower sodium as requested. 

For full flavor, serve cheese at room temperature, removing from the refrigerator about an hour before serving, depending on size. Hard cheeses require a longer time to reach room temperature than soft cheeses.

  • I think Smoked Gouda will work nicely in this recipe, too.

  • Before applying to the cheese log(s), toast the pecans, if you'd like. 

  • If you have any leftovers from Fay's Cheddar Cheese Logs (doubtful), place slice atop a burger or steak sandwich.

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