23 November, 2014

Welcome, dear friend!

You're such a wonderfully creative person and a great cook, I know you do not need recipes for preparing excellent dishes and delicious meals.

Nevertheless, I hope you have some fun perusing this blog and finding colleagues' recipes online. Anyone in the world can view this web site. With your iPhone, you can connect here while shopping to check ingredients or quantities of the shared recipes, which is handy when you're inspired in the grocery. Who knows what one may find?

You might like to start with group tags Nbank or Fbank. To retrieve an individual's posted recipes, go to "Friends' Links" on the R-side of page just below the "Search" key. Then, choose from the abbreviations which I believe you'll decipher easily. Also, at one time, I believe you were interested in this Pasta Primavera recipe.

Easy PostingYou are welcome to post "stuff" here anytime you wish. Just let me know and I'll send a "Blogger invitation" to your Gmail address which you will then "accept" to activate your "editing access."

If you prefer, feel free to send some recipes to me to post. If you adapt recipes in any of these books, you can just send me the title, recipe name and page number with your notes and I'll add them here. The library list does change because it is incomplete.

Indexing and Tables of Contents are not my strong suit here. I am open to suggestions for better organization, appearance and any other improvements.

Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt (Image credit
(Detail from The Three Ages Of Woman), ca.1905

For Holidays
Here's a few vegetable recipes you might like to read for your daughter and her hubs to enjoy while visiting -- as well as for keeping you in the game room and not tethered to your oven -- because the dishes are both delicious and easy.
  • Corn Cobbler (from little sis and outstanding-- as it should be using one stick of butter!)
  • Marinated Mushrooms (I adapted recipe from mutual customer's first wife who served at his new office grand opening. I'll text you.)
  • Spicy Vegetable Chili (Garbanzo beans, flavored vinegar, and cashews may sound like a weird combo, but they're great together in this meatless chili which I adapted from BH&G.)
There are a few vegetarian recipes here.

Family Legacies
Should you like to start a recipe web site some day for your girls and nieces and nephews, here are three family sites I consider quite good and they illustrate some possibilities: Simply Recipes, Raised on a Roux and The Italian Dish.

Another nice touch, in my opinion, is scanning handwritten recipes having a special significance and posting the image. I can help with basic set-up and posting via Blogger, but I don't have skills for all the cool bells and whistles these other sites have. Gee, wonder who might you know in that department?

Thank You!
Hearing from you was definitely the best part of my week. Love to you.

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