04 March, 2013

Recipes from Magazines | Project update

Hi, everyone! This week, please start updating all recipes added from magazines. The general tag is Magazine and for more detail to aid searches, please consider adding

When referencing annual recipe compilations, please tag Cookbook: [abbreviation from above]. To illustrate, when referencing Southern Living recipes via the Annual Recipes compilations or another Oxmoor House cookbook, please tag Cookbook: SL. Likewise, Cooking Light recipes via the annual compilation would be tagged Cookbook: CLight.

Need other tags? Let us know in Comments!.

While proofreading, please pay particular attention to four areas:
  1. Credits (including page#)
  2. Serving size (or add "Servings not stated")
  3. Accuracy of ingredients and measurements
  4. Your tips and suggestions
Be sure to add or change "Page Last Updated" at bottom left below the recipe credit. After updating all magazine posts, we'll move to other groups. If you're already updating by post dates, please continue. Thanks to all!

Page Last Updated 30 November 2014