28 January, 2013

Recipe Sources | Project update

We credit known sources when using or adapting others' recipes. On this blog, we communicate source information in a standardized format, generally using two or more of the following:

  1. Text below the recipe (view example)
  2. bibliography
  3. Labels or tags for some general classes such as Card FileChefs, Cookbook: JL (abbreviating Junior League publications), other Cookbook: Local, Cookbook:  Magazine: CLight (abbreviating Cooking Light),
  4. Magazine
  5. A web album with cookbook images
  6. A cookbook image, in some cases, is placed above the recipe title (view example
  7. Without publishing members' names  

On related web sites, the location might be different.

In our collections, a missing citation typically occurs because the paper copy did not contain the recipe's source, and we do not know it or recall it. Some recipes were written or clipped decades ago, perhaps handed down to our contributor, and we just don't have any other clues.  

If we don't have the recipe source now, we will endeavor to
  • Continue including any information we have (view example) and
  • Beginning today (January 28, 2013), we will tag the post "Locate"
  • If page(s) are not identified, we will tag the post "page#
  • Beginning December 1, 2014, and after reasonable efforts failed to find missing information, we will tag those posts Unknown Source

We are updating our posts. Please comment on the appropriate post(s) if you know the original source of any of these recipes or are able to identify these missing cookbook pagesThank you, in advance, for your assistance. To be notified of replies, please click "Subscribe by email" below the comment form. 

For more project updates, click here.

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  1. Thank you for explaining.

    1. Absolutely! We hope it will be helpful.

  2. Thank you for reminder we use cookbook images; this post is revised.

    1. What about image credits?

    2. Yes, I think we should credit the original source when possible. Sometimes it's hard to know who created an image. While updating, we look at images and if appropriate, add "Source unknown" beneath. We tag the post same as missing recipe source.


  3. At one time we linked to the Junior Leagues for their cookbooks instead of Amazon. It's changed. Why?

    1. As we created links to the JL, we observed that some favorite cookbooks are unavailable because they are sold out or have been retired. By linking to Amazon, interested purchasers may have opportunity to purchase the titles new or used.

      We intend to link to the JL as author or publisher when identifying source(s) below a recipe. If you notice missing links, please edit the post or leave comment and we'll add it. Many thanks!