29 November, 2012

Italian Cream Frosting

Italian Cream Frosting ingredients
Makes enough for one 3-layer (9-inch) cake
3/4 cup butter
12-oz cream cheese
1.5 (1-lb) boxes confectioner's sugar
1.5 tsp vanilla

Add 1/4 cup DiSaronno liqueur.

During the last minute of beating, fold in 1.5 cups finely chopped pecans.

Notes:   View Whipped Cream Topping tips.

Have all ingredients at room temperature.

Cream the butter, cream cheese and vanilla. Gradually add congectioner's sugar (and amaretto, if using), beating together to the consistency of whipped cream.

Frost cooled cake.

Store cake with Italian Cream Frosting in the refrigerator.

Slightly adapts The Italian Cream Frosting recipe from the Junior League of Jackson, MS, Southern Sideboards (Jackson: Junior League of Jackson Publications, 1978), 322.

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