07 September, 2012

Melissa Clark's Preserved Lemons

Plan ahead to allow 5 weeks or so to brine these preserved lemons.

Melissa Clark's Preserved Lemons ingredients
Makes 1-quart
8 Meyer lemons, preferred
1 cup Kosher salt

Optional spices
1 - 2 cinnamon sticks
Bay leaf
Whole peppercorns 

Notes:  If using regular lemons, blanche twice in plain water before simmering in the pickling solution.

Thoroughly scrub the lemons. Quarter them almost all the way, leaving the quarters still attached at one end.

Rub the insides with salt (about 2 Tbsp salt per lemon). Pack them into clean and dry 1-QT jar; press them down to the bottom. Add enough additional fresh lemon juice to cover the lemons completely. Cover the jar; leave it on the counter for about a week, shaking it every so often.

Starting week 2, make a good space for the jar in your fridge, and let it sit for another month or so, with an occasional turn and shake. They’ll keep perfectly, refrigerated, for at least a year.

View article via The New York Times (February 17, 2012).

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