10 March, 2012

Ginger Ale Salad | Jell-O®

Ginger Ale Salad (ca 1904) ingredients
Makes qty??
Pour one-half cup of boiling water over one package of  Lemon Jell-O. Set in hot water until thoroughly dissolved, stirring all the time. Cool and add 1-1/2 cups ginger ale.

Set in a cold place until it begins to thicken, then stir in 1/4 cup finely cut nutmeats, 1/4 cup finely cut celery, one cup finely cut assorted fruits (pineapple, orange, apple, cherries, or grapes), one tablespoonful finely cut crystallized ginger.

This recipe is from the Jell-O Cookbook, 1904 as republished at the The Jell-O Gallery of the Le Roy Historical Society, Inc. in Le Roy, NY.

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