10 January, 2011

Root Beer Shredded Pork BBQ Sandwiches

Root Beer Pork Sandwiches ingredients (6)
Makes about 12 to 16 (regular-size) sandwiches
For meat
1 (4 to 5-lbs.) pork sirloin tip roast 
Granulated garlic powder
Cracked black pepper
2 (12-oz) cans A&W Root Beer, not diet

For additional sauce
2 (12-oz) cans A&W Root Beernot diet (see Notes below)
1 (40-oz) bottle Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce

For serving
2 (8-count) pkgs sandwich buns
Slaw, if desired (try this or this)

Root Beer Pork Sandwiches Directions
Cook meat 
Pierce the pork and generously rub it with granulated garlic and black pepper. Place the pork in a slow cooker and pour root beer over the meat.

Cover and cook on Low until pork shreds easily with a fork, about six (6) hours, depending upon your roast size and crock-pot. At three (3) hours, I carefully turn roast over for remaining cooking time.

If desired, prepare additional sauce 
I allow the last one to two (1-2) hours of the roast cooking time to prepare sauce. Mix all sauce ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until reduced by half. Serve with shredded pork.

Prepare sandwiches
Shred and chop the cooked pork. Place in baking dish and pour over BBQ sauce, tossing to combine. 

Serve immediately on sandwich buns or cover dish until ready to serve. Refrigerate any remaining portions.

After crock-pot has cooked, cool, drain and discard the root beer.

Root Beer Pork Sandwiches Notes
  • For an easy side dish, heat Bush's Best Original Baked Beans as directed on the can, but add your choice of BBQ sauce; I use about 1/2 cup to each 28-oz can of beans.

  • Once the pork roast has cooked, I have used the hot cooking liquid to make the extra BBQ sauce.


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