22 September, 2010

Menu: Autumn Irish

This hearty and satisfying meal is true to our Irish heritage. Although perfect in chilly weather, you can really serve this dinner anytime.

Pork is the favorite meat of many Irish people, and it is customary to eat fresh pork for the main course on St Martin's Day November 11.

Apples are plentiful in autumn and this menu also incorporates one of the oldest drinks in Ireland. Mead (spelled Meade in USA for registration reasons) was once consumed at all big festivals. Today it is made at a winery in the shadows of Bunratty Castle in Clare County.

Meade is readily available in USA. Visit Bunratty Meade.

Dinner Menu

Shrimp Cocktails (in Ireland, "prawns") with Dublin Seafood Sauce

West Cork Pork Chops 

Potatoes boiled in their jackets


Soda Bread

Chardonnay or Beer with appetizer and Bunratty Meade with main course

Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake & Irish Coffee

Iris / Irish-style

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