17 November, 2009

Gobble Me Up Fruit Plate | Family Fun

Dress up your family's breakfast or pre-dinner snack. How cute! 

Fruit Plate ingredients
Makes 2
1 apple, cored and sliced
2 clementine or navel oranges, peeled and separated into sections
1 pear
2 dried apricots
Peanut butter or cream cheese
4 mini chocolate chips
2 cashews
2 dried cranberries

On a plate, arrange apple and clementine or navel orange slices as shown; place a cored pear half on top.

Using kitchen scissors, halve a dried apricot; then, snip small triangles from each half to form the feet. Position under the largest end of the pear.

Using peanut butter or softened cream cheese as "glue," position the mini chocolate chip eyes, cashew beak and dried cranberry snood.

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